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About Karli Jewelers

Kevork Bekelian, founder of Karli Jewelers, immigrated to the United States from Armenia with his family in the late 1970s in pursuit of the American Dream. While working hard as a teen to support his family, he ultimately became immersed in the jewelry industry due to the guidance and influence of a close friend and mentor. Over 30 years, Kev has gained a vast knowledge of the industry and specializes in diamonds, precious stones, and jewelry design, all the while building a clientele that would continue to support him to this day.

The opportunity arose for Kev to acquire his own business in 2006, and Karli Jewelers was founded! Karli is a combination of the name’s of his daughters, Karina and Liana. For the past 12 years, Karli Jewelers has been located in Downtown Crossing in the heart of Boston in the Jewelers Exchange Building and has been serving generations of consumers. As Karli Jewelers is a family owned and operated business, we have graciously been able to provide the highest quality of service to our customers that have turned into our family. We continue to serve generation after generation, and we believe that is the best referral!

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Shay Bake
Shay Bake
Feb 28

Had a great visit the other day. Kev is a knowledgeable, honest, talented, creative jeweler. He even let me get in on the action. With his wife by his side, this couple is amazing. Thanks for a great experience.

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