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What Our Customers Say

My fiance and I were fortunate enough to have Kev, the jeweler, recommended to us. He crafted both my engagement ring and our wedding bands.

My engagement ring was entirely custom made.

The back story:
We decided to forgo complete surprises as a couple. It was important to my boyfriend that I was 100% happy with the ring I would be wearing for the rest of my life, so he wanted me to communicate what my vision was. I had sent him photos of the style, certain elements of other rings I liked, and what ring size I was. With that, I left the rest entirely up to him to decide where and who he was going to work with to put the pieces all together.

I had no knowledge of him deciding to choose Karli's and never met Kev in person for the
engagement ring process-- but Kev did an absolutely fantastic job on my making my dream become a reality. I was beyond pleased and was blown away by the end product when my fiance proposed!!

It was a no-brainer that we came back to Karli's for our wedding bands.

It was then that I finally met Kev and his wife, Talin, and they are wonderfully warm people.
It took no more than an hour to choose our bands. Kev was patient with us trying on different styles and giving recommendations. It was a seamless and comfortable process.

Complimentary steaming and polishing with every visit.
Appraisal document provided for all purchases.

Needless to say, we will be recommending Karli's to all our friends in the future.

Yuka Y

When it comes to anything meaningful and significant in life, it's always comforting to know that you can trust in someone. That 'someone' is Kev at Karli Jewelers. He is the craftsman and sole proprietor.

We were fortunate enough to have heard of Kev from a friend. He is all things important: professional, sincere, patient, listens to your needs and wants, and highly experienced to offer suggestions. I'd recommend Kev without a doubt!!

Victoria C

Amazing doesn't even come close to describing the unbelievable engagement ring Karli Jewelers designed for me with my fiance! The ring is stunning and the exact design of the photo that my fiance showed them. The diamonds are the sparkliest I've ever seen and the ring is all the way around... PERFECT! My fiance said that working with the team and Karli Jewelers was seamless and an absolute pleasure. Kev and Talin are the best and I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone looking to find that perfect ring and receive top notch service!

Kimberly R

Kev is the best! I came here from a friends recommendation who grew up in Boston. He made my wedding band. Not only is he timely and communicative, but the ring is gorgeous. He is very well priced. I went to 3-4 other places in this building and he's by far the best. Going to be coming here in the future for jewelry needs! :)

Oh and he helped me extra by cutting these chains off my bridesmaid bags that I didn't want and with an extra screw earring back I had lost. And of course cleaned everything.

Chelsea B

After a poor experience at another jeweler in the area, my fiance and I went to Karli Jeweler to look for my wedding band.

All of the jewelry is hand made and you can peek into his shop if you want to. Very authentic, old school, quality work.

I found a band that I loved with alternating sapphires and diamonds but wanted some extra detail. Without hesitating, Kev told us he would use the band I wanted and add engraving on the sides of the entire thing to match my engagement band. He also touched up some of the engraving on my engagement band (purchased elsewhere) that I felt wasn't just right. These extras were done without even raising the (fair) price he had originally quoted us.

After picking up my old engagement ring and the new wedding band (only about 1.5 weeks total) I am thrilled with how they both turned out. They match perfectly, are unique, and exactly my style.

Big thanks to Kev and all of Karli Jewelers!!

Laura W

I am so glad I happened to walk into Karli Jewelers when looking for an engagement ring. I had visited a few other stores inside the diamond building and I was not at all satisfied with the hard sell each place immediately goes into once you tell them what you are looking for. Kev at Karli Jewelers is completely different. He lets you direct the conversation, shows you exactly what you want to see, and gives you space to make the decision. He doesn't call you the next day wondering if you have made your decision, which was a breath of fresh air. I had Kev make a custom ring and the compliments my fiance gets on the ring has yet to end. The craftsmanship that goes into the ring is beyond incredible. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.

Phil S

I can't believe there aren't a million other reviews shouting from the roof tops about how amazing Kev is at Karli Jewelers.

We first found Karli Jewelers as my boyfriend and I were visiting the Diamond Jewelers Exchange building.  We were a little overwhelmed with options as we stood on one of the floors not knowing where to go to next when the mailman noticed us and recommended Karli Jewelers to us.

We had been to multiple other places before and felt like we kept seeing the same rings and styles over and over again.  Although I saw some that I liked, I had yet to find the ring that I fell in love with.  Until we walked into Karli Jewelers.

His jewelry is gorgeous.  Every piece has been designed and handcrafted by him, and they are all truly works of art and so unique.   The ring I fell in love with was like nothing I had ever seen before and every single detail of it was perfect.  The second I saw this ring, the search had ended.

Unfortunately, then I just had to wait for my boyfriend to be ready to go back and buy it.  3 months later on my birthday my boyfriend and I returned to buy my ring.  The second we walked in the door, Kev remembered exactly who we were and what ring we had wanted before.  He had even set it aside for us so that it wouldn't sell.  He went right back and got it, and he even remembered the price that he quoted us on it (discount and exchanging of a previous ring that the diamond we were using was in).  If that isn't personalized service, I don't know what is.  We dropped off our diamond, and a half hour later my ring was perfect and appraised and ready to go.

The service you get here and the quality of the jewelry makes you want to return for all of your future purchases.  After our experience here, I can't imagine giving anyone else our business, and we will definitely be back when it is time to purchase our wedding bands.

Kristen B

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